Buda Buda is inspired by the work of Simon Buhl, a distinguished interior designer based in the heart of London. The incredible bespoke items listed here are examples of his vision.


Our Story

Written by Simon Buhl Davis

As an interior designer based in prime central London, I’ve been fortunate to work with a variety of clients to bring their grand ideas to life. My work is aspirational, it’s about creating spaces that inspire and give people confidence. Much of my work has been to create spaces that excite, to give houses a new lease of life, bringing them out of the doldrums and turning them into some of the most stylish and contemporary spaces that dreams are made of.


Working with lots of fantastic materials and learning from great artists and craftspeople I realised that I need a brand that provided some of the most amazing works of individual brilliance accessible to everyone. That’s why I started Buda Buda, as a shop to find the extraordinary, to find the items which leave you and your house guests in awe, inspire conversation and maybe even debate.

I also designed Buda Buda as a location for works of my own. Surrounded by inspiring spaces gives me so much energy to invest in creating unique pieces that add value to projects big or small, as a professional interior designer like me or as someone besotted with interior design, Buda Buda is about connecting you and challenging your ideas with unique items.


I’m excited to share these items with you and as we develop further, to bring you some Buda Buda exclusive products with my own unique design and style.


My Danish/English background is reflected in my name and Buda Buda takes both the Danish, Buhl and the English, Davis to create the unique Buda Buda brand that you see here today.

The Environment

During times like these it’s been impossible to ignore the impact that our changing climate is having on our world. As a Scandinavian born, London based, interior designer my heritage has taught me to be considerate of what is being used, where it comes from and how to extend the life of the things we already have. My commitment to the environment is considered in every item that I sell through Buda Buda, a brand that is equally committed to a cleaner, safer, healthier world.